Why Choose Condition Specific Herbs for Energy, Joint, Heart and Brain Health?

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Why Choose Condition Specific Herbs for Energy, Joint, Heart and Brain Health?

Herbal wellness and adaptogenic herbs are trending because of something herbalists have known all along, and modern science confirms—herbs offer powerful health and wellness benefits.

Herbs can influence our health in many exciting ways, helping keep our minds sharp, our bodies nimble, healthy and energized, and promoting an elevated sense of wellbeing by reducing the impact of stress on our bodies and minds.[1],[2],[3]

The scientifically-proven benefits of herbs are the driving forces behind our new line of scientifically-researched herbal formulas with clinically-studied ingredients for supporting joint, heart, energy, and brain health support. Each blend includes simple, science-backed ingredients specifically formulated from synthetic-free, natural plant sources.

Are you ready to harness the power of nature, proven by science? Read below to learn why we chose the herbs we’ve included in our new condition-specific herbal blends, Swanson Pure Science Herbals, plus learn about adaptogenic herbs and how they can help combat mind and body stress.

What are Adaptogenic Herbs and Adaptogens?

Let’s face it—modern life can be stressful. Adaptogenic herbs may just be the answer we’ve all been seeking. Adaptogenic herbs are unique herbs, also known as “adaptogens,” that are especially good for helping our minds and bodies deal with daily stressors.[1] They help bring a sense of balance and calm to our modern lives, and help protect us from the effects of stress.

Adaptogenic herbs assist with the body’s stress response, and many of them help reduce cortisol levels while normalizing related physiological functions like nervous system stimulation due to stress.[1],[4]

That’s important for helping us feel better amidst the stresses of modern life, but less stress may mean better health and anti-ageing benefits too since stress makes us age faster![5],[6] Plus, experts estimate that between 75%-90% of all doctor visits are due to stress-related health concerns.[6]

Mitigating stress should be a key consideration in everyone’s wellness routines. Two of our new Pure Science Herbals, Pure Brainpower and Pure Energy, contain adaptogenic herbs. You can read more about these beneficial herbal blends below.

What Are Condition Specific Herbs and Why Should I Try Them?

Scientific research has shown that certain herbs are well-suited to help with specific areas of health. For example, Boswellia is a herb known for supporting healthy connective tissues, making it an excellent inclusion for joint-supporting supplement formulas.[2] Grape seed extract helps support healthy blood pressure within the normal range and offers cardio-protective benefits, and Ginkgo-bilbo is used to support cognitive function.[7],[8]

But we’ve taken traditional herbal formulas a step further. Our experts have harnessed some of nature’s most effective ingredients and combined them in powerful herbal blends that are uniquely suited for supporting particular areas of health. That is the core of Swanson Health’s Pure Science Herbal Formulas.

So, why should I supplement with condition-specific herbal blends? Because herbs can target your unique health needs in a nature-sourced and scientifically-backed way. Herbs have qualities that can comfort and rejuvenate your body. Try them and see for yourself!

Swanson Pure Energy Herbal Blend with Adaptogenic Rhodiola

Pure Energy from Swanson delivers balanced energy and focus with antioxidant benefits, plus mood and stress support. This energy herb blend helps fight fatigue to keep you feeling energised all day long.

Pure Energy features a potent blend of 4 herbs and botanicals designed to work synergistically to enhance attention and concentration while energising your body without the jitters. Caffeine from natural sources is also included at the same level as an average cup of coffee to provide an immediate energy boost along with anti-fatigue support.

Herbal Blend for Energy with Adaptogenic Herbs - Infographic

Explore the herbs and botanicals in our Pure Energy formula:

L-Theanine: An amino acid found in green tea that is very similar in structure and action to glutamate, a naturally-occurring amino acid in the body that helps transmit nerve impulses in the brain.[9] L-theanine promotes a sense of calm alertness or relaxation without sedation.[10]

Rhodiola Rosea: Rhodiola rosea is a popular adaptogenic herb used for fighting the physical and mental effects of stress.[11],[12] It helps balance the cortisol response and may also help regulate mood.[12],[13]

Caffeine from Green Tea Extract: Green tea extract is a potent free-radical fighter, and caffeine from green tea combined with L-theanine helps support a balanced energy boost.[14]

Caffeine from Green Coffee: Green coffee beans are unroasted coffee beans, which contain higher levels of beneficial chlorogenic acid than roasted beans.[15] Green coffee beans have been nourishing and energizing bodies and minds for centuries.

Herbal Supplements for Joints, Heart, Brian & Energy

Try Swanson Pure Energy

Enjoy balanced energy and sharpened concentration without the jitters! This synergistic blend of adaptogens, herbs and botanicals promotes energy, enhanced attention and positive mood and helps fight daily stress and fatigue with scientifically-studied doses.

Swanson Pure Brainpower Herbal Blend with Adaptogenic Bacopa

Swanson Pure Brainpower is a comprehensive brain health formula that includes ingredients clinically researched for supporting the activity of neurotransmitters involved in information processing and memory, as well as the healthy production of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a neuroprotein associated with healthy cognitive function and mental performance that declines with age.[16]

Leveraging the power of nature, Pure Brainpower supports brain health and cognition, focus, memory, concentration, mood and healthy blood flow to the brain.

Swanson Pure Science Pure Brainpower Herbal Supplement - Brain Health Infographic

Explore the herbs and botanicals in our Pure Brainpower formula:

Gingko Biloba: Gingko Biloba has long been used for supporting cognitive health, memory and mental alertness to help keep you sharp and ready for what comes your way, as well as supporting healthy blood flow to the brain.[8]

Bacopa Monniera: Bacopa monniera is an adaptogenic, Ayurvedic herb for memory support that may boost certain brain chemicals involved in thinking, learning and memory.[17] Our Pure Brainpower herbal formula features BaCognize®, a guaranteed-potency extract standardized to 12% bacopa glycosides.

Coffee Fruit Extract: Coffee fruit extract is a polyphenol-rich superfood used for supporting healthy production of BDNF.[18] Pure Brainpower incorporates NeuroFactorTM coffee fruit extract, which is made with whole fruit, including the bean of the coffee plant, in a specialized brain-health lipid blend for cognitive support.

Herbal Supplements for Joints, Heart, Brian & Energy

Try Swanson Pure Brainpower

Keep your mind sharp with clinically-researched herbs shown to support focus, blood flow, neurotransmitter function and the healthy production of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which declines with age and is linked to healthy cognitive function.

Swanson Pure Joint Herbal Blend

Swanson’s Ultra Joint formula combines the power of nature and science using herbs that may promote joint comfort and flexibility in as little as a week![19] It’s formulated with clinically-studied herbs for supporting joint integrity, reducing cartilage breakdown, and supporting mobility so it’s easier for you to do the things you love most.

Swanson Pure Science Pure Joint Herbal Supplement - Joint Support Infographic

Explore the herbs and botanicals in our Pure Joint herbal formula:

Chinese Skullcap and Heartwood: Research shows that heartwood, also know as Acacia catechu extract, in combination with Chinese skullcap, also known as Scutellaria baicalensis, may deliver fast comfort and flexibility for joints.[19] Heartwood and Chinese skullcap are the key components of Univestin,® a patented, clinically-validated formula that works fast to promote joint health.

Boswellia: Boswellia extract has roots in Ayurvedic traditions for comforting joints and promoting joint health.[2] Pure Joint contains AprèsFLEX®, a patent-pending “next generation” Boswellia extract that provides support for joint comfort, function and mobility.[20]

Mulberry and Heartwood: Also known as Morus alba, research has shown mulberry root and bark combined with heartwood may support healthy cartilage, reducing cartilage degradation.[21] Our Pure Joint formula incorporates AmLexin®, a clinically-studied joint health ingredient made from a potent combination of white mulberry root and bark plus Acacia catechu.[22]

Herbal Supplements for Joints, Heart, Brian & Energy

Try Swanson Pure Joint

Discover better joint health and mobility with a powerful, fast-acting blend of scientifically-studied herbs to promote joint integrity, flexibility and mobility (in as little as a week!) reducing overall cartilage breakdown to help keep you active and on the go.[19]

Swanson Pure Heart Herbal Blend

Swanson Pure Heart is a simple, transparent formula blend with 3 herbs that promote cardiovascular health and blood circulation, maintain healthy cholesterol levels, and its ingredients are clinically-studied to support healthy blood pressure levels already within the normal range.

Swanson Pure Science Pure Heart Herbal Supplement - Heart Health Infographic

Explore the herbs and botanicals in our Pure Heart herbal formula:

Resveratrol: Research shows that resveratrol may help improve circulation and support healthy blood lipid levels and lipid metabolism.[23] Resveratrol has unique and profound protective effects on cardiovascular tissue as well.[23]

Policosanol: A cardio-supportive compound derived from plants, policosanol promotes healthy arteries and healthy blood lipid levels within the normal range.[24] BioCosanol policosanol from Swanson features ideal ratios of policosanol components for promoting heart health.

Grape Seed: Studies show that grape seed extract may be beneficial for many areas of cardiovascular health including healthy circulation.[25] Pure Heart utilizes MegaNatural®-BP, a grape seed extract standardized to 90% polyphenols, which has been shown in clinical studies to support healthy blood pressure levels already within the normal range.[26]

Herbal Supplements for Joints, Heart, Brian & Energy

Try Swanson Pure Heart

Love your heart with clinically-studied herbal ingredients that support healthy blood pressure levels, cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and circulatory health, plus boosts antioxidant activity in the body with scientifically-studied doses of three powerful herbs.

Swanson Pure Science Condition-Specific Herb Blends

Swanson Pure Science Herbals is a line of ground-breaking supplements that harness clinically-proven herbal ingredients sourced straight from nature to deliver formulas for brain, joint, heart health and energy—and you can feel them working! Shop our full line of condition-specific herbs at: swanson.co.uk/shop/#!cat-vitamins-nutritional-supplements=botanical-herbal

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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