Travel Sickness

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Escaping from day to day life is an exciting time, yet often the notion of travelling can make us feel a little nauseous. For some, the fear of travel sickness puts them off long distance journeys altogether. That queasy feeling of car sickness, flying sickness and even sea sickness should not stop you from seeing the world. Let us help you put your body at ease with these remedies, specially selected to make a difference to your travelling life.

Each remedy is tailored to your needs, depending on the severity and symptoms of your motion sickness. For instance, some contain Magnesium to improve your overall immune system, and others contain Activated Charcoal to help your digestive system.

You’ll find that the majority of our recommended remedies contain Ginger, which studies have found helps to combat sickness. This is because Ginger reduces nausea and inflammation, working primarily in the stomach and intestines. They also work in the brain and nervous system, which helps to control the nausea.

Don’t suffer in silence, or sit anxiously clutching a sick bag whilst trying to appreciate the scenic routes. Pop our remedies into your bag, sit back and enjoy the ride.

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