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Swanson.co.uk, UK & European wholesale and dropshipping distribution network, is seeking Worldwide strategic partners; suitable for our wholesale account services, and with a customer-base that would benefit from our combined excellence.

We look for qualified and professional health product partners that add incremental sales, marketing education, and professional customer service for our popular products and brands.

There is a significant infrastructure in place with Swanson.co.uk for cost-efficient fulfilment and order management, so we are pleased to share the benefits of this with you and your customers.

Our retail partners have a loyal and well cared-for existing customer base, through their own website, email newsletters, shops and surgeries, so please read all information here carefully before applying to ensure your request is appropriate to our care for the brand’s values.

Once your application is approved, we will change your website login to a wholesale account – the pricing will automatically reflect your new cost prices, with facilities to manage your brand identity on invoices, and delivery addresses per order.

Our manufacture and largest stocks are located outside of the EU – so we strongly recommend you check import duty costs relevant to your country here: dutycalculator.com or here: www.ups.com/globaladvisor

After analysing all costs and regulations, the majority of our wholesale customers then choose to dropship, using our infrastructure to send goods directly to their customers. This is often because personal import allowances and restrictions are lessened when imported by individual consumers, due to personal-usage allowances, than they are for companies moving large quantities of goods across borders – with courier paperwork and business licensing requirements.

However, for bulk-shipping distribution, retail shops and outlets, we can assist with direction to information on regulations for your country – to ensure you remain compliant with all authorities.

We offer bulk-buy wholesale pricing, and direct-to-customer dropshipping services from our 5 warehouses, with an emphasis on minimising delivery mileage and handling costs, to give Swanson.co.uk‘s consumers the best possible value.

Your custom and success is important to our team in building partner relationships, and relies upon your customer-facing feedback to continue to develop the best health products for their needs.

Smaller and new online resellers may find the direct dropshipping service is more cashflow-friendly and scaleable than the additional step in the supply-chain to customers created in stocking and delivering themselves.

Both dropship and bulk-wholesale options are always available to all accounts, so you can use this service to build up your experience with minimal stock-holding risk, and transition to self-delivery when you are more experienced with your customer requirements.

High-street resellers, when pricing for shop shelves, should bear in mind the cost to customers for postage and packaging when buying a single item online, to be competitive to customer’s online comparisons. The elimination of customer delivery costs should help you remain comparable to internet pricing, and leave a comparable margin to invest in your personal customer service.

Wholesale accounts are for trade customers only, including; high-street shops, health & beauty practitioners, doctors, surgeries and independent websites.

The margins for online product sales are reducing, with abundant competition, and increased logistics efficiency over pre-internet historical ‘rules of thumb’ for mark-ups. So you will need to make sure your costings are comprehensive and accurate for your ongoing resale success, concentrating on cost-efficiency and value added marketing.

We always encourage passing on the best possible prices and value to customers, so we can assist in your strategy once we understand your business more, with data feeds, imagery, marketing material, editorial, news, and cost-control advice.

There is no fixed percentage discount for wholesale pricing from the retail prices you see. You should check all lines individually because margins will vary depending on supply, demand, and economies-of-scale for each product’s manufacture.

Buyers will be responsible for all carriage costs and import duties, so should factor these into costing. We do not add any handling fees onto postage or courier costs if we arrange for this on your behalf, but reserve the right to approve all collection carriers based on their compliance with our individual warehouse policies.

You may have been attracted to Swanson.co.uk by our low prices, which can in-part be due to the majority of our goods originating from outside the EU, but if you wish to commercially import into the UK & EU, for stocking and resale, you will have to consider all costs, currency-conversion, handling expenses, taxes and restrictions for your country.

We have stock available from our UK warehouse for customs-cleared and duty-paid delivery throughout the EU, offering you a choice from multiple dispatch location options to optimise ordering according to your priorities with regard to; speed, administration and costs.

Please note; dropshipped personal customer imports for small items do not incur import or sales tax, however commercial imports do, so you will find that the margin for wholesale pricing on bulk-imports may not always be sufficient for your business strategy if you have a business strategy reliant on attempting to discount below the prices already offered to personal customers online. We encourage sustainable business models with investment in customer service, marketing and education – we will be able to assist you with this once we understand more about your business strategy and customer base.

Wholesale orders are subject to a minimum order value of £200 (excluding taxes and shipping). We monitor account sales channels to ensure they continue to be legitimate trade accounts with a sustainable pricing policy – reselling within our licence agreements and terms & conditions. We have a large amount of resources available to grow your business, so please speak to your Swanson Relationship Manager to see how we can help you.

Thank you for your interest in Swanson.co.uk in the UK & Europe – we look forward to our partnership in growing a healthy business with you.

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