How To Stay On Top Of Your Weight After Reaching Your Goal

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How To Stay On Top Of Your Weight After Reaching Your Goal

If you’ve reached your fitness and weight goals, then a huge congratulations is in order! You’ve successfully altered your life for the better, and you’re eating healthier foods, engaging in daily exercise, educating yourself on the types of foods your body needs to function to the best of its ability, and you’re (hopefully) enjoying yourself along the way.

When you set yourself a goal and are focused on reaching it, it can feel a little bewildering when you finally get there only to then wonder what you’re now supposed to do. If this sounds familiar, then there’s no need to be worried; this guide is going to help support you and suggest the ways in which you can continue to stay on top of your weight.

Get The Support You Need

Your body needs nutrients in order to:

  • keep you operating healthily
  • feel energised
  • regulate sleep, hormones, and cognitive function
  • complete pretty much every other activity that your body undertakes in a day.

How Can I Support My Bones?

Support your bone health and development by getting enough calcium in your diet, as well as protein, magnesium, vitamin D, phosphorus, and potassium (found in the likes of bananas, citrus fruits, and dried fruits). Doing this will keep you feeling strong and supple, and can help protect your joints and tissues from damage when partaking in exercise such as running, weightlifting, and high impact sports.

When fatigued, you’re more likely to reach for easy-to-prepare fast foods than to start a nutritious homemade meal with fresh ingredients. So, avoid fatigue by remaining hydrated and not allowing your blood sugar levels to peak and trough throughout the day.

Focus on getting an adequate number of hours sleep, and take multi-vitamins if you’re in any way deficient or finding it challenging to eat all of the minerals you need over the course of the day.

Stay Focused

Now that you’ve reached your target, you need to ensure that you’re still working hard and following meal plans, work out regimes, and thinking positively.

If at any time you feel disheartened or as though you haven’t tried as hard as you could have, then take the time to step back and remind yourself of how far you’ve come. Remind yourself of the blood, sweat, and tears you’ve experienced to get where you are, and exactly why you started your efforts to lose weight and get in shape in the first place.

Be Consistent

Just because you’ve reached your target weight, BMI, or muscle mass doesn’t mean that you can slack on your exercise schedule. Remember to attend the gym as regularly as you were going before, continue to challenge yourself by getting involved in sports, and eat as part of a balanced diet that should, ideally, be free of alcohol, processed foods (including bread), excessively salty foods, refined sugars, and trans fats.

Refuse to become complacent now that you’ve reached your goal and set yourself additional tasks such as to learn how to cook, to play sports, to educate others, and develop and hone your understanding of anatomy and physiology, for example.

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